The Return of Storytime Fridays! East of the Sun and West of the Moon, Part 8

It’s back! After an eight month hiatus (wow, that long? Jeez, guess I really dropped the ball on that one) Storytime Fridays have returned! It’s been so long that I (briefly) thought about starting over with a brand new story. Thankfully I decided not to, especially considering how I left the story off on a cliff hanger. You can find Part 7 here if you want to brush up on what just happened previously. If you want to start from the beginning I suggest going to the Storytime Fridays page and scrolling down a bit.

This section was shorter than I prefer, but I know that it’s better to have a short section than no update at all! Enjoy.

Part 8

She wasn’t sure what to do. For a while she sat there, in the grass, holding her knees tight against her chest. She stared into the woods. She was cold. The sky was gray with clouds.  It might rain soon. She knew that she needed to do something, but she didn’t know what. She thought about going home, but she didn’t know if she could find her way back without the bear. A sudden thought chilled her even more. What if the spell had broken there too? Did her brothers and sisters wake to find their fine farm melted away to nothing? She shook her head, trying to throw off that thought. The bear had never said that their happiness would go away; just ours. They hadn’t made any promises not to look. They were surely fine.

She supposed that it would be possible to find her way back to the farm. It would take a long time, but it seemed her best bet. It would be easier at least than trying to find a castle she had never seen, in a place that was impossible to reach. She could be happy there, with her family around her. She could live there for a long time. Maybe someday she’d find another man, and they’d get properly married in a church and they could be happy together. Or she could just stay on the farm, and live a long life of peace. Either option seemed preferable to wandering through the forest in rags searching for what can’t be found.

But she couldn’t bring herself to move. She sat there so long that birds came down and started hunting for worms and seeds around her. She knew what the smart choice to make was. She just found that she couldn’t take it. She didn’t want to go home. She wanted to find the bear. Find her bear. She’d broken every promise she had ever made to him, but she didn’t want to break her last one. She said she would try to find him.

So she would.

The birds were startled when she stood, and flew off into the woods. She dusted herself off and looked around. Which way should she go? East to the sun? Or west to the moon? Either choice would take her farther away from the other. And how could you catch either one, no matter how far you walked?

She saw a mountain to the north. Perhaps she could see the way to go from there.

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