My name is Mark Hamilton, and this is my blog. There are many like it but this one is mine.

This blog is typically about writing, apologetics, philosophy, metaphysics, science, and nerd culture. Typically. Really its about whatever idea is bugging me at any particular moment. Check out the archives or browse by catagory, you’ll see what I mean.

I love to have comments, but I don’t love them so much that I won’t moderate them. If you want to comment then make sure you are being constructive, civil, and good spirited. It’s all right to comment about something you don’t like, but don’t be insulting or demeaning. If your comment gets deleted, try not to take it personally. There are a lot of comments that would be perfectly acceptable on other blogs that I don’t want here, and it’s not a judgement of you.

I don’t have any hard and fast rules to follow for commenting beyond the aforementioned “constructive, civil, and good spirited.” If I think you’re out of line I’ll delete your comment. Is that fair? I’d say so, considering this is my blog and not yours. If you want to be insulting get your own blog, but I won’t sponsor your rudeness by hosting it on my site.

  1. I am a Christian fantasy writer and have a few Ideas for making a Genuine Christian Fantasy,. I have started one story and the other I want to wait till my skill builds. I would love to discuss my ideas in private chat as it has never been done to my knowledge, either variation. I am a amateur so, I am unsure about the importance of protecting an original Sub-Genre idea. My second concept, I dream to one day expand into a saga with many Christian writers. Please contact me. Perhaps, i could be the second to join the saga. I would be happy to see it happen period.

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