Voting Your Conscience is Proving Harder Than It Sounded

Hey guys. I don’t think I’ve ever talked about politics on the blog before, but this post is going to step into that territory. Don’t worry, I’m not going to make a habit of it. I’ve just had this crazy thought on my mind.

Namely, who the heck I’m going to vote for next month.

Now those of you who know me personally will probably be puzzled by that. So let me get it out right now: I’m not planning on voting for Obama. If you’re a fan of Obama than that’s your right but I cannot in good conscience vote for a man who supports the killing of children. I will leave it at that: part of me wants to turn this into a rant about Obama, but that’s not the point of this post. Just know that when it comes to voting my conscience Obama is not an option.

I’ve mentioned my conscience twice now. That’s because, as a Christian, I believe that voting your conscience is the only proper way to vote. I know that someday I will have to stand before my creator and make an accounting for myself. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and I’ve committed a lot of sins. Some were unintentional, many of them were deliberate, and all of them I regret. I don’t want to regret my vote for President.

So I was all ready to vote for Romney. I mean hey, he’s not my first choice, but then again McCain wasn’t my first choice either and I supported him. I know I can’t vote for Obama because of his record on human rights, especially pertaining to the unborn. Romney says that he’ll support taking down Roe vs. Wade. At least, he said it once. But then again when asked by others he said he would not support pro-life or pro-choice legislation. And when he was Governor he essentially ran as a pro-choice candidate. But hey, he says he’s changed. I have to hope that he has, or at least that going back on his word would be too politically damaging for him. At the very, very least he’s not as bad as Obama.

But he isn’t great either.

In fact the more I thought about it the more I was unsatisfied with Romney. He’s tepid on the issues that I care about the most. Still what more can I do? Vote for the lesser of two evils. I really wish that someone I could actually get excited about was running for president. Like Mike Huckabee! He’s perfect presidential candidate material! He was third up in the last round of nominations after Romney. He’s a lot more likable than Romney too. He’s got friends on both sides of the political lines and he wont back down when it comes to basic human rights. He was someone we could all get behind! Or at least I could get behind. I was sure he was going to run this time. Back in 2009 a Gallup poll put him as the most likely Republican presidential nominee for 2012. A CNN poll in 2010 claimed that Huckabee would beat Obama in a presidential election. He was the perfect candidate. But he didn’t run. He said “All factors say ‘go’, but my heart says ‘no’.” I was so disappointed! And yet it only made me like him more. What kind of politician puts down an opportunity like that?

Then again, Sarah Palin didn’t run either and she was a favorite for the nomination as well. After doing some research it made sense. Incumbent presidents rarely ever lose. If Huckabee or Palin ran for president this year and lost they would never be viable nominees again. You only get one shot at the presidency, practically speaking. Maybe they had looked at the statistics and decided that Obama was extremely likely to be re-elected. Maybe Huckabee is willing to wait for more years to give it a try.

And I want Huckabee to try. I want it with every bit of me that is politically inclined. He wouldn’t waffle on the rights of the unborn; he would do whatever he could to help them. He would stand up for human rights in America. Maybe I’m a dreamer. Maybe I’m biased. Maybe I’m just plain wrong. But I can’t help it.

Then it hit me; if Romney wins the election then Huckabee can’t run in four years. Unless for some reason Romney declines to run for re-election, but that almost never happens. Then what? Wait four more years? Will Huckabee even be a viable option then? What’s worse; four more years of Obama followed by four (or more) years of Huckabee, or four to eight years of Romney?

I no longer knew what to think about his election. I wanted Obama to lose, but I didn’t want Romney to win. I didn’t know how to vote.

Finally I decided I would vote my Conscience. I honestly don’t want Romney to be my president. I don’t want Obama either. The only man I believe is fit for the job is Mike Huckabee, so I would write him in. That was a decision I could stand behind.

But then I read this article by Randy Alcorn, another person I really look up to. He addresses that it seems wrong to vote for the lesser of two evils. But then he drives it home by pointing out that if we have the capability to save lives then we must try. It is possible that Romney will stand up for the rights of the unborn; or he may not live up to his promises. No matter what, however, Obama will continue to fight for the right to kill children. He is completely, 100% committed to that. How can I, in good conscience, throw my vote away when lives are in the balance?

So now I have no idea what the right thing to do is. Vote for a man I don’t actually want? That seems dishonest. But then again lives are at stake. Imagine you were captured by aliens and put to trail for your life. Imagine also that by their custom you can choose your judge. Do you choose the judge who says he will spare your life but has known to change his mind, or the judge that has sworn that he will show prisoners no mercy and has never broken that promise in his long career. Now imagine that instead of your life at stake it’s the lives of hundreds. There’s no real choice to make; you have to throw your lot in with the first judge and pray he doesn’t change his mind.

I feel like I’m rambling. I probably am. I’m all turned around on this thing. New factors keep popping up in my head, like the fact that I live in a blue state that hasn’t voted red since the 80s and shows no sign of radical change now. My vote honestly wont affect which candidate wins. I might as well vote for Huckabee, my vote is wasted either way. On the other hand, again, can I wash my hands of this election with so much at stake? With lives in the balance?

I have no clue.

Voting your conscience is hard.

I still don’t know what I’ll decide to do, but I do know this. Come election night I will be praying that the right man wins. I just won’t specify who I think that is, in the long run.

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I am, in no particular order, a nerd, an aspiring writer, a Christian, an aspiring filmmaker, an avid reader, a male, a YEC, a GM, and a twenty something. I like learning how things are made, finding out how to do things from scratch, and I you can find more of my writing at

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  1. Wow, you have definately been thinking things through. I agree that your right to vote should be taken seriously and with much thought. There never will be someone that’s perfect for the job for everyone. Romney wasn’t my pick in the beginning either but I am happy to vote for him. There are many issues dear to my heart, but to me in the moment, we have to get people back to work and off welfare & food stamps. We also need to stop Obamacare because it is putting businesses out of business–or in the case of some, terminating all full time employees and only hiring part time ones because they can’t afford Obamacare. I also don’t like that Obama is out apologizing for America or that he wants to share more military information with Russia. I believe that Romney can help build up a stronger America and that is very important to me. So, I will vote for Romney. As to your belief that your vote won’t count because you are in a blue state—it probably remains blue because no one thinks their vote will count so they either throw it away with a write in or they sit at home and don’t bother to vote. Everyone needs to be involved.

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