An Apology Link

You might have noticed that there was no post on Monday. I wish I had a good excuse for that, but I don’t. The simple fact was that I knew I had to have an article written for Monday, I planned to write it up on Sunday, I even jotted down a couple article ideas that would be interesting, and then I just didn’t do it. I just forgot.

So in lieu of a post here is an apology link. This song is funny. I hope it makes you laugh because it’s the only content I got right now. I’ll have a post up Wednesday as usual.

Just so you know, I’m trying very hard to not miss any posts. I have been worried that if I miss any post I’ll inevitably start missing more. You know how it is: once you miss one you don’t feel as bad about missing more. You think “Well I can miss Wednesday’s post, I’ve missed posts in the past.” I wanted to avoid all that, but now I’ve slipped up. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep on track from here on out. I don’t want to end up with one of those blogs that sets a schedule, keeps it for a week and a half, and then posts nothing but apologies once a week for a month before trying a new schedule.

Anyway. Hope you enjoyed that silly song.

About Mark Hamilton

I am, in no particular order, a nerd, an aspiring writer, a Christian, an aspiring filmmaker, an avid reader, a male, a YEC, a GM, and a twenty something. I like learning how things are made, finding out how to do things from scratch, and I you can find more of my writing at

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